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Hi guys! I decided ( with some help.. thanks by the way!) to do a Kpop memes collection! Enjoy!!
THR FIRST ONE IS SO TRUE!!!!!! He want from cute, innocent maknae into hot as hell , manly maknae!
Me and my friends use the same method as Super Junior when we decide something!
I wish I had Kookie's self esteem level !!!
I hope you guys enjoyed comment if you want me to tag you in future post's!
@Hayley Eastman Ah ok thank you I sort of understood that know I know
@JangMI15 the people on the phones are from Vixx and are both doing a weird face thing that N(red hair) usually does so the people who own the phone have the two members (N and Hongbin) as their lock screens to show their friendship (?) I'm not sure if that makes sense... sorry I'm not very good at explaining things
I don't understand the picture that says Friendship Goal why?