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So long story short.. on my snapchat i usually post lots of Kpop related stuff (obviously cause i love it) but point is a few of my family members were saying that it was annoying or that they hated it and that i was too obsessed with koreans. It really pisses me off because kpop means so much to me. It helped me get through the hardest times in my life. The thing that annoys me the most is how they attack me for liking kpop but i NEVER point out what they snap or post! Their snaps aren't that great but i don't judge them because its what they like!! It makes me so mad because they seem like they are only hate it because its korean music. Is it so wrong to be a kpop fan?...
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I'd post more of it purposely. You like what you like, they like what they like. If they don't like what you like then they should unfollow you. Fairly simple. And no, there is nothing wrong at all with liking kpop; it's just another form of music 😌
Haha thanks for the advice..i plan to post more of it 😉😉 @thatoneoutcast
There so many kids out there doing illegal stuff or obsess with dangerous and nasty things now in days. But, you - you just liking another music genre and Korean culture so they should be happy about that. You should NEVER be ashamed in something you love and you should be happy and embrace your love for Kpop. Why don't you sit your parents or family members down tell them how you feel? If that doesn't work then continue on doing you. :)
You're right, like it just makes me so mad that they feel like they can judge me when i respect their likes 😧 @Toykopop And thanks for your support Vingle fam ♡ I feel much better. 😊😊
It's going to be okay because at the end of the day, you have us- Vingle family and it's your life and it makes your happy. @VioletaDelRio Plus I'm happy to make you feel better. That's why everyone is here for.