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Isn't it crazy to see how much things have changed?
Except for Donkey Kong Country...it doesn't look all that different! XD
What's your favorite comparison from these? I think mine is the Final Fantasy one~
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ooommph, i didn't know pokemon looked like that now. i kind of feel like i should skip a bill payment and pick up a 3DS and that pokemans game
2 years ago·Reply
final fantasy for sure. my favorite game franchise
2 years ago·Reply
@paulisadroid Yes, you should do it, for the pokemans! @chongx Ah, awesome. It's definitely a popular favorite!
2 years ago·Reply
Donkey kong has made 0.000000001% of a progressional leap....
2 years ago·Reply
@CadoAngelus Hahaha, right?! The older version seems better lol
2 years ago·Reply