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MV is cute as hell but I'm not feeling the song. I'll keep an eye on them however cuz they have alot of potential and I'm sure they'll creep into my bias list at some point. Blue hair is at the top so far...I seem to have a thing for the rappers in Kpop groups lol. 😄
okay so it was alright for a first song. I know they have better in them. My favorites so far are the brown hair and bubble gum pink hair. I loved how they were stripping one of my favorites and he stumbled onto my other favorite who was shirtless. My only real complaint is please don't do the naenae its dead like so dead. That move needs to die out its ridiculous.
Hmm...interesting...didn't hate it but I didn't love it either... I feel like I need to see more from them before I can fully decide if I'm a fan~ I'll just keep an eye on them for now! :3
They were so cute! especially how they pronounced lollipop.
My response ...... 😁😁😁😁😁
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