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OK Girls! here you go part 4!!!! yes I'm so excited it's so awesome!! heres what you've been waiting for!! it's a little shirt but I added more awesome things... thanks for your support my lovely readers!!!! I love you all!!! Happy intensifying reading!!!! ㅋㅋㅋ want more comment down below!! -Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- - Part 5-
Walking hand by hand you stare onto the opened doors that led you two inside the mansion. Everyone looked at you and suddenly start to say hello, you keep your cool and start to search for Xiumin. No trace of him, people start to compliment both of you guys of how good you two look together and out of nowhere they start to ask how you two met. You both laugh sarcastically and you say to him “Babe you tell them how we met, I have to go to the ladies room”. To get rid of that tight situation, since you forgot to turn on your ear piece. He replied back with “OK honey I’ll Wait for you”. You rush to the bathroom and turn on your earpiece. You quietly walk towards each door and search if there’s Anyone inside, you say “Clear”. Chanyeol says “ well it’s Bout time don’t you think so, You do know what time it is right? Its freaking 11:00 pm, get your shit together!” Y: “I know, I’m sorry, I forgot OK .” C:.”that’s OK. Don’t Worry.”
Y: “ Chanyeol, I can’t find Xiumin can you give me the coordinates, from where I am?” C: “yes madam, I already hacked into the system, and I have a clear view of everything, I’ve Been watching you guys for a past hour now, that was a good kiss, and you look beautiful tonight Clarissa, I mean I would do the same thing if I had you in front of me” he chuckles. While you blush in a pretty bad way, the only thing you could say was Y: “thank you for the compliment but it’s Just my work to fake and be a girlfriend” C: “anyways, Xiumin is on the second floor, you walk up the stairs you do a right turn and then you walk straight until you see two huge doors he’s there inside, but it looks like he’s About to go out, you should wait until he comes out” Y: “OK Roger that, I’m heading out.”
While walking with your stiletto’s you make your way through the crowd smiling your way to LAY you hear every word Chanyeol is saying to you through the ear piece. C: “also remember when they pour the champagne’s cap you shoot alright, be careful Kai will be there just look around and follow my commands OK sweetheart?” You nodded, C: “I’ll Take that as a yes I saw you nodding through the vigilance camera” he chuckles And you keep smiling C: “relax OK, now the two guards are coming out and Xiumin too” You calmly get to where lay was, and he smiled at you tenderly, “are you OK honey?” you smiled back saying “yes love, it’s Just that something was bothering me on my back and it was the zipper “ he calmly winks at you and says “oh, Alright” you wink at him back.
You hear Chanyeol on the background, C: “that wink means if you’re ready, for what’s about to come, alright let’s do this! I’m so hyped up! I feel like I’m about to bounce off the walls!!!!” You look around to see if Kai is around since he’s bound to kill Xiumin, but there is no trace of him, all of the guest see Xiumin walking down the stairs everyone starts to clap.
You and lay clap too, not knowing what’s Happening chanyeol on the other side saying, C: “I love the fact that he doesn’t Know he’s Going to get killed on his birthday” he laughs. You try your best to not laugh, Xiumin finally is in the middle of the crowd where all the champagne and champagne glasses are stacked up, he says a speech thanking everyone for being here on this special day. Chanyeol says, “ ready? The bottle is about to be opened. You see Xiumin giving one of his butlers a signal, the Butler gets near the bottle of champagne and grabs it,
C: “3” The Butler gets the gold wrapper that was around the bottle and takes it apart, C: “2” The Butler puts his both fingers around to pop the champagnes tap. You raise a little bit of your dress from your leg, and grab your 9 mill to get ready to shoot C: “1”
Lay takes out his knife, and throws it when suddenly a shot was fired, you fired at Baekhyun, everyone screams and run for their life you hide your gun under your dress, you see Baekhyun on the floor and Chen with a headshot. You analyze everything you look around and see no one lay grabs you from the hand and he says “ I killed him, I killed Xiumin with my poisoned knife straight on this eye, but someone else shot one of the guards did you kill Baekhyun right?” You answered “ yes I did” he suddenly runs and grabs his knife back and wipes the blood that was left on his knife,
You hear Chanyeol on the background, C: “ oh that was Sehun by the way” You both chuckle, And run off for your car, you ask Lay “his did you get the keys” he replied back “ I had extra keys honey” you giggle. C: “Yeah he knows what’s His doing learn from him Clarissa!” You and lay reply to him “Shut up!” C: “geez… just trying to be funny.. “ Y: “Chanyeol, I think no one has ever told you this but, I will, your bad at jokes OK.. “ you giggle. C: “I knew that “ he sarcastically laughs.
Lay turns on the car and leave.. -----A silence invaded----- Lay notices that someone has been following then for a while now, he keeps looking through the rear view mirror. Suddenly you see that they have a riffle outside the window, gun shots thrown to the windows. While lay tries his best to avoid crashing he goes 100 per hour. He hands you a riffle the AR 15, you say to him “what’s Going on who is it?” he replies “Its Kai, kill that bastard once and for all”.
Kai’s car approaches your call and starts to scream “Babe why are you cheating on me with this asshole!, fuck him and fuck you too!” he starts to shoot. Lay hits the breaks and turns around the wheel, while you go to the back seat and position yourself on the back window and start shooting at Kai’s Car. Lay yells “Get out!! This Fucking car is going to explode”.
He gets out and you try your best to get out but he doesn’t Help you out, and leaves you there while your dress gets stuck. You grab your knife, and rip your dress. You run for your life and the car blows up there was no trace of Lay, He had left you alone you said “Bastard, why would you even leave your partner to die what the fuck is that” you knew something was not right since the start…
You walk with your hair all down and ugly, your dress ripped , without a shoes while stepping on the floor with your bare feet you had blood on your arms and legs part of broken glass was stuck on your flesh you didn’t Care, you kept walking without even looking behind you..
When suddenly a soft hand grabs your hand.. and softly tells you “are you ok?” "it's not over yet..."
I'll leave this here a clue for the next chapter! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Recent Don't tell me that they betrayed her Why did you leave her Lay???😠😠 ugh this is getting to me!! I need to know what is going to happen next??? tell me!! let's not forget about Kai!! was he the one that grabs her hand?? or Lay??? can u tag me in the next story
@bbyitskatie yes it's great I love the story it's so good and it fits the story perfectly
@reyestiny93 I knowwww! some of the stories and plots are based on some songs that I've used! first person that notices one of the songs! I like that song so it's perfect for a story right! 🌸💖
Please tag me this is so good and kill them with kindness is my favorite song ❤️
Kai or Lay omg omg 😂
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