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So, I was scrolling through Tumblr when I landed on a not so happy post about Leo and Mata Hari. When I read it, I felt so frustrated and angry. I'll let you guys read it first before I get on my soap box and start ranting.


I understand if it is like a joke, you know? I even said it to @kelseyblair that I couldn't see or want him kissing a girl (since he is my UB), but it was a JOKE. I would never EVER send messages to one of the creators complaining about a kissing scene. IT is a professional play, and he will be doing it PROFESSIONALLY.
As STARLIGHTS we love our VIXX and support them in whatever endeavors that they want to do, and this is doing the opposite. It's giving the creators a bad image of who are STARLIGHTS. Those STARLIGHTS that are posting such things are giving us the image of whining children that can't separate fandom from real life.


This isn't something he is doing as an idol. Like the second post said, he auditioned as Jung Taekwoon, and not Leo. He's part of this amazing musical because of his talents, and he is working so hard. It makes me so so very angry that he is putting his all (and still is participating in the Depend on Me stuff) and some people are complaining about a simple freaking scene. (I would use more curse words, but I'm trying to be polite).
I just really hope this doesn't damage him at all, and he is able to keep performing in more musicals.

What do you Starlights think? How can we show Leo our support?

This is just embarrassing....for not only STARLIGHTS and for Taekwoon....but for Kpop fans in general. To those immature "fans".....GROW UP. YOU'RE MAKING THE REST OF US LOOK LIKE FOOLS 馃槖馃槖馃槖
So what if he has a kissing scene...actors kiss all the time 馃槖 these children with their breath still smelling like milk need to grow up
I think if we truly want to love and support him, he shouldn't be trapped in the idol image as just Vixx's Leo because he's more than that and he's trying to show everyone that he is more than that. I think we should let him spread his wings like a butterfly and show off his talent. It makes me sad knowing that Leo must feel disappointed in the Starlights even if it's just a few petty irritatingly delusional "Starlights" that are making a huge negative fuse over a kiss scene. It's idiotic to me and i don't want Leo or any of the other actors/singers in the play to look down on all the Starlight for the actions of a few. I think every needs love and support in order to thrive continuously.
It deeply saddens me that there are people out there that call themselves starlights that would be so petty. Leo is an amazing talented person. This musical is a big deal for him and anyone that considers themselves to be a fan should feel honored that we get to see this side of him. True Starlights shall do all we can to show Leo and the rest of the cast and crew that we support them and wish them much success.
@Mightmuffin You are completely right. He is fully grown man who is able to make his own damn decisions, and it's nice to know he considers the starlights opinions on things, but this is HIS life. We do not control it, and we shouldn't. It's just wrong. @Nikkitty It really is sad. One day he will find the woman of his dreams and THERE BETTER BE SOME DAMN SUPPORT. I will not tolerate those who bitch and whine because he is dating or getting married. He deserves to be happy.
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