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When it comes to Pizza, the crust is not a worthless end of the pie, but the end of the masterpiece.
In other words, a crappy crust means that was a crappy slice. While Pizza hut has grabbed my attention with the stuffed crust pizza, they are ready to take things to another level in New Zealand, with their "hash bites crust."
This marvel includes tater tots as a key element of the crust. For those who loved tater tots in school as a kid (or still enjoy them as an adult, not judging) this pizza-crust mix could be a match made in heaven.

So what do you think: AY or NAY on Pizza with Tater Tot crust?

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I'm with @InPlainSight they just look like they'd either fall off or be too difficult to eat
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yesh i want so badly ^_^
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I like the idea, but I agree.. not sturdy enough to be a crust. When I first saw the picture, I thought it was a crust made out of Pizza Rolls... that would have been the most meta pizza!
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oh hellls yay!!!
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