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Some would call it obsessive, but I call it love.

Losing someone is hard, you try your best to hold onto the memories -- but sometimes memories just aren't enough. Well, for Charles Evan's, his memories of his late wife are in abundance and it seems like they're definitely enough. Of course, memories will never replace the physical no matter how many you hold onto -- but when you create a museum specifically for the love of your life, that's when you know that everything is going to be okay.
When Charles lost his wife, he probably cried like anyone would -- but he also took matters into his own hands and created a museum in memory of his true love. They were married 59 years and 11 months -- nearly 60 years with one person sounds like an eternity and it was.
Charles wife Ms. Lou died in 2011, right before their 60th anniversary. He created the museum and named it "LaLa and Louise Land" -- the name just sounds romantic, right? Charles has appeared on Ellen DeGeneres to share his love story and even appeared in the band, 'Mutemath' latest music video [seen below].
Spreading his story of love is beautiful, but there's nothing more beautiful than actually living that love story. From the walls filled with pictures to the grass full of umbrellas, memories will never be lost. He even cherishes her last words, "The last thing she told me? 'I love you.' Yeah, that was beautiful," he said. If you aren't sobbing yet, brace yourself because the video below will make the tears well up within seconds. Brace yourself. Love is beautiful.

How amazing is this man and his love for his wife?

Did you cry? I feel the tears coming.
Oh my god and now I'm on the brink of tears, this is so beautiful lo
It seems like this was truly a beautiful healing process for this man :) I love how he still seems so happy, even after losing his love. I guess 59 years an 11 months is not a bad run :)
I'll drink some with you! lol @AlloBaber
I agree!!! I feel like this was his way of getting closure, and it's so beautiful. a beautiful gesture <3 @AlloBaber