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Everybody's always saying relationships require sacrifice. But just how MUCH sacrifice, exactly? If you're wondering what things you should never give up for a relationship, you've come to the right place.
This is my ultimate list of 6 things you should never sacrifice for a boyfriend or girlfriend!

1. The other relationships in your life.

Your romantic relationship should never take away from the other relationships in your life. If you feel like you've been slowly losing touch with your friends ever since you started dating, you need to re-evaluate which relationships matter most in your life.
Significant others come and go; but family and friends are there for you forever. And the right person will want you to keep your other relationships strong, because they'll understand how important they are.

2. Freedom to pursue other things.

Being in a relationship should never make you feel like you're losing your independence. You can't be a whole, happy person when your only extracurricular activity is your girlfriend or boyfriend. You need (yes, NEED!) hobbies, passions, interests, friends, pastimes, and entire areas of your life that have NOTHING to do with them. And so do they!
If your significant other wants to keep tabs on you every second of the day, or keep you from doing the things and seeing the people you love, it's not going to work out. Tell Felicia GOODBYE.

3. Your personal happiness.

This may sound a little uber-American of me, but life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – these are our unalienable rights! Figuring out what makes you happy and chasing after it is what makes life worth living.
If your relationship is making you unhappy, it's in violation of that principle, and maybe... maybe it's just not worth it.
Listen, you deserve to be happy. And if your present relationship is standing in the way of that, then it's time to get out. Find someone who loves you AND prioritizes your happiness.

4. Who you are deep down.

First of all, and this is a pretty obvious one, you should never have to change who you are for someone else. If a guy or girl doesn't like you for who you are, then forget them! Move on. There's someone out there who will appreciate you exactly the way you are, and who would never ask you to change.
Your religious beliefs, your personality, your identity – no relationship is worth losing those things over. They're precious, and they're what make you who you are. So keep them close, and don't compromise who you are for anybody.

5. Your self-esteem.

The best relationships – really, the only relationships worth your time – are the ones that build you up. They make you feel more confident, more beautiful, more worthy – NEVER less.
Someone who tears you down, makes you feel ugly or unwanted, abuses you, mistreats you, or does anything less than cherish you needs to be KICKED to the curb. You deserve so much more than that! Look for relationships that build your self-esteem, not destroy it.

6. Your bright and beautiful future.

Hey, you. You've got an amazing, brilliant future ahead of you. Believe it, and pursue it. You've got dreams, right? Chase after them. And those goals you've been meaning to accomplish? Go for it.
Don't let any relationship get in the way of that. Your dreams, your goals, your education, your career, your future... never sacrifice those things for someone else. You'll absolutely regret it later, and no boyfriend or girlfriend will ever be worth that.

So get out there and find someone who will come along for the adventure, rather than discouraging you from embarking on it in the first place!

Aww thanks so much @luminahan!!! :D You're too sweet! <3 I love writing about relationships because like you I've learned so much from my own experience... and I like to share that with others :) It's a cathartic experience as well. I'm still definitely learning, and researching and writing is part of that as well!!
I love this. The best love changes your life into none other than your true self. But if you meet someone who makes you realize your own flaws, then they too can shape you up beautifully. PS you shld publish something on relationships. U r wonderful
this is so on point
yes whit me