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A couple months ago, McDonald's back was against the wall. Rather than fold under the pressure due to stiff competition in the fast-food field, McDonald's opened up their menu and adapted with the times.
A recap, if you really need it:
-They replaced the Dollar Menu with the McPick Two.
-They put mozzarella sticks and mac and cheese on the menu.
-They tested out table service.
-They gave their international franchises all sorts of crazy options, like 48-piece nugget buckets and McChoco Potatoes in Japan, Snoopy buns and concrete-colored Modern China burgers in China, and super fancy McDonald’s Next in Hong Kong.
-They started offering all-day breakfast.
Probably the biggest addition was the all-day breakfast. As a result, sales are way up for the fast-food titan.
McDonald’s fourth-quarter earnings report, released today, backs that news up: Sales are up 5.7% in the U.S. and up 5% globally. It may not seem like much, but this is big news after two solid years of steady declines.

Is McDonald's still the king of fast-food?

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@cager I wish more people were like you & i. fast food is nasty and evil
literally Evil
@MajahnNelson I feel you. The McGriddle is the only thing I'll ever eat at McDonalds. So the fact that they didn't include it in their all day menu ruined the whole concept for me. 😧
Lol. Americans love breakfast I guess...
@Cager @TristanBlackmon it is DISGUSTING!