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I've never been in a LDR, but I know it takes a lot of effort.

If you're not familiar with the term LDR, it stands for long distance relationship. These days they happen to be the norm and if the love is strong enough than despite the distance, the relationship can withstand the test of time. I know quite a few people who have been in long distance relationships and are currently in one including our very own @AlloBaber.
As we all know, Valentine's Day is drawing closer by the day and for those who happen to have a lover, you've probably been brainstorming ideas since Christmas came and went. Celebrating a holiday such as Valentine's Day when in a LDR can be somewhat difficult, but it doesn't have to be. If you have a hear and a mind, you can make anything possible. Still clueless? I figured. Keep scrolling and see how you can make your Valentine feel super special despite the distance.

Plan A Skype Date

Make this Skype session different from your typical sessions. Set a specific time and make sure you both arrive at the same time. To give the session a bit of V-Day appeal, throw on something nice -- whether that be a nice dress or some red lipstick and a nice silk robe. You can either eat together or stare into each others eyes as if you were sitting right in front of one another at a restaurant.

Send Food To Their House

If you know that your significant other will be in the house, secretly have their favorite food delivered and have the delivery man give a special message when they receive it.

Have A Bouquet Of Roses Sent To Their Job

Okay, so flowers are super typical, but they're still extremely sweet.

Send A Care Package Full Of All Their Favorite Things

Keep an ear out for the small things when you talk on the phone [i.e. what they're craving, their favorite candy, etc.] Make a list of all those goodies and send them off just in time for the holiday.

Make A Surprise Trip To Visit

Sometimes popping up can go sour, but making a surprise trip on Valentine's Day when you know your significant other has been wanting to see you might be the greatest gift of all. If the price if right, go for it.

It doesn't get much sweeter than that.

You don't have to be lonely, follow the guide above and get your love on.
Here's another one!! I did a LD date where I set up Skype and we coordinated watching the movie at the same time. so we could look at each other watching the same movie, and talk about it after. :) it was actually really sweet!
I'm a closet romantic @jordanhamilton. I still like all doors being held open, candlelight dinners, snuggling, and flowers just because...
Sometimes, well all the time it's worth the wait. I definitely think patience is key @Rita77892141
@EasternShell oh sorry to hear that but sometimes things do happen blessing hope you find that someone no matter where he maybe good luck
@EasternShell sounds like it's working very happy for you like I said I know what it feels like I had one well still have one going to see him in April we have been together for 2 years now it's sometimes has it humm how do I put it ups and downs but it's worth it if he cares and takes a lot of effort
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