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Hello and welcome to the 7th installment of my fan fiction prequel, Agent Krystal! Thank yoh all so much for liking and reading this as much as you have. You all are awesome and beautiful people! Now, without further ado, We begin!
Krystal smiled at Charles as she followed them to the mansion, not at all surprised to see her son there already. He had always been ambitious and a very quick study. It would have been easy for him to find where Charles lived. She smiled at Raven. "Hello. I'm Krystal. I'm his mother. Its nice to meet you." she said, pointing at JJ. She just wanted the other woman to like her. Raven smiled at Krystal, shaking her hand, still lightly blushing from the passionate kiss she and JJ had shared what felt like only moments ago. "Its nice to meet you too" she said shyly, feeling selfconcious around the beautiful older woman. She already had way to many body issues. Meeting Krystal added to them, even if she knew somehow she would like this woman. Raven could see the resemblance between the two fae, but she also saw his father. She was well aware of the good Sgt and captain that were killed in action in the second world war, and knew just by looking at him that he was the sgt's son.
Charles watched the exchange in fascination. He was glad that his sister seemed to like Krystal, as he was developing a terrible crush. She was so different from the women he had met during his life, and every moment with her he seemed to fall harder and harder. She was so caring and intelligent, and she thirsted for knowlege as he did. He wanted her not only on the team, but also as his lover. Krystal could taste Charles's emotions, but she had no idea they were directed at her. She was under the impression that he loved his adopted sister Raven. Little did she know that the good professor felt for her as she had him the moment she met him. Krystal was not one to fall in love easily, but with Charles it was instant. She hadn't felt this way since Bucky, and the woman was feeling terribly guilty. Her heart had died, yet when she looked at Charles she remembered what it felt like to love again.
JJ and Raven had become very close over the week that he and his mother had been staying at Charles's mansion, the two of them almost always together. He fascinated her with his laid back additude and the way he didn't care what she looked like. It was refreshing in so many ways for her. She had fallen hard for him. It was that night in Raven's room that JJ planned to tell her how he really felt. They had kissed on his fist day in the mansion yes, but it had never gone any further nor had either party decided how they felt until tonight. JJ walked to her room, knocking lightly. "Raerae? are you there?" JJ whispered just loud enough for her to hear, waiting for the door to open. He knew she was still awake because she always lifted weights at this hour. "Be right there!" Raven quipped, opening the door for her crush, a light tint to her cheeks from working out. She knew JJ had wanted to talk to her about something, but she had no idea what. It scared the woman because she worried JJ was going to tell her that he didn't want to be with her. Little did she know it was the exact opposite.
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