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We've already agreed on the fact that Korean's have the best beauty tips, tricks and skincare hands down.
From their K-Beauty face products to their creativity when it comes to nails, you literally get the best of both worlds. When you hear the term 'shattered glass' nails that has Korean beauty written all over it, thanks to Eunkyung Park, owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul. When you think of shattered glass, nails are usually not the first thing that come to mind -- although, Park changed that and made shattered glass a nail trend that has people going crazy. Park has done pretty much every celebrities nails in Korea and it's a well-known fact that shattered glass nails are definitely a favorite.
The design consist of cellophane and your typical manicure. The trend has since gone mainstream and literally everyone has been drooling over this trend since late last year. It doesn't seem like the shattered glass will be swept away anytime soon, but as long as you don't get cut -- that's definitely a good thing. To learn how to recreate this beautiful trend for yourself, keep scrolling and dare to become obsessed.

Talk about simple and beautiful.

Will you be giving the shattered glass nail trend a try?
Oh wow! Thanks for sharing @ButterflyBlu I have to go look now!
I also saw some at cvs and rite aid. :)
I totally agree! Nails are extremely versatile. This is perfect! @marshalledgar
So cool. I love how creative girls can be with the adornment of nails. Very creative!
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