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Well, the AFC Championship between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots wasn't just about Peyton Manning against Tom Brady.

It was also about Peyton Manning vs Bill Belichick.

The two of them go a long way and even though they may be enemies on the field, they are known to be good friends and have expressed their respect for each other. Well just after the game on Sunday, Manning was caught on video saying...

"Hey listen...This might be my last rodeo, so, it sure has been a pleasure."

and Belichick replies with,

"You're a great competitor."

Does this mean it's the end for Peyton Manning? Will he retire after this year's Super Bowl?

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Hah @mchlyang dynasties don't hinge on one or even a few players. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers looked as good as Cam Newton and the Panthers did this year back in 2011, but that didn't lead to a dynasty. It's all about retaining key players and adding new talent to compensate for any losses, which is why Green Bay has actually regressed. If anything Cam is the new Donovan McNabb. He hasn't won a title yet.
All good things must come to an end @mchlyang 😩
@KyleBerke That's true. I guess it all comes down to this Super Bowl and then we can predict whether it can be the start of something or not!
@KyleBerke And is it going to be Cam Newton's dynasty for the next couple of years?
@KyleBerke That would be a sad more Brady-Manning matchup
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