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Whether you have brunch plans or dinner plans, it's always good to have options. When it comes to your hair, choosing a transition hairstyle is great for those ladies who want to keep it a bit casual during the day and dress things up at night. Keep scrolling to see this gorgeous transitional braided look that will allow you to go from casual to dressy on Valentine's Day.

Which look are you loving the most: day or night?

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I was go to do that but I didn't have time yesterday but I will try this hair style some other time
2 years ago·Reply
yeah, give it a try. it's beautiful @SylviaAnnPellig
2 years ago·Reply
yea l will
2 years ago·Reply
it look really beautiful
2 years ago·Reply
extremely!! @SylviaAnnPellig
2 years ago·Reply