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@ashleyemmert I shall tag! Sly devil. I liked you too, but why?
O.O I wonder how well this will go over
Awwww Jongup! I admit you tried! Maybe you are working for or with Himchan?
O.O Zelo! When did this happen? Before the kidnapping? Most likely maybe? This is random thought. Still sweet though ^^
Ugh Daehyun. Did I get on your nerves? Maybe?
*questions this* Okay first you kidnap me. Am I valuable or something? Am I in story wise wise related to another member? or did grow close and work together? Hmmmm so many paths that could take in a drama or story.
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Where did the original game come from btw??
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I tagged you in the original one ^-^
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Okay, thank you so much!!! ^.^
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Anytime!!! ^-^
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w earing booty shorts him.............dang girl.....
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