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Funny how Daesung is my boyfriend and is the jealous one Lol xD Game by: @Aimeeh Original Card:
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I can't get enough of these games xD I got my bias as my husband so I'm happy xDD @Aimeeh
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@jessicaacosta90 Haha that's good!! I love making them. I try to do them weekly, the next one I'll be putting up is a kdrama style with actors. c:
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oooooo Hopefully I know them because I don't really know much Kdrama actors ;-; @Aimeeh
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@jessicaacosta90 understandable! c: These are fun to make and play so I do these often c: I have a list of groups that everyone voted for XD so there's going to be a lot floating around
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@AimeeH Yesss they so are! and Omg yaaaass I shall wait for them xD
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