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Greetings my Winchester family. I hope all is well for each of you. So my lovely family, I decided to do something fun while I am Mod of this outstanding community.

We have a talk feature and we are going to use the hell out of it. How you do feel about a Supernatural Saturday #supsat where we can put up the wildest memes of our Winchester crew being.... Themselves... Silly?

February 14 th is coming! Yup yup, so a few weeks ago I spat out some pick up lines. Now I have an Idea that we can make pick up lines from us to our boys. Hey the might like it.
I knocked on our neighborhood's door but that does not mean they can't be included and invited to the SPN community. So if you make a card that is SuperWhoLock or something that has SPN in it. Tag their communities. They don't have a mod but that does don't need to stop the party . SPN mod L A Von Winchester