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So like you know how VIXX dropped a new MV "Depend On Me" and I have a statement to say in my opinion about one certain member! LEO BABY! Idk what was his issue in this video all I know is my heart is going to pop out of my chest and my hormones are way up (I hope you get that 😏) lol but let's state something here! I feel like in this video He seems so much like a damn Dark Master lol
I mean look! He's like a fucking master (excuse my language it's my way to express how well he looks lol) he's sitting there like "come here you! You've been bad" lol😏
He just looks so damn bad! 😏 he's like giving off like Master Ciel in Black Butler type of vibe lol just a way older version lol ♠️ and what makes it seem more like that is he's so quiet and discreet😍 and keeps to himself 👌🏼
It's like praise him god damn it lol!

He just made me fall in love with him all over again😍 Leo Keep Doing Your Thing!!!

It was the hakyeon hair flips that killed me in this one...jesus
also hey @byeolbit LOOK AT THIS