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Ferris wheels, the scent of kettle corn in the air, nothing says fun quite like a carnival. Did i forget to mention this is another fabulous screen shot game? I was tagged by the amazing @thePinkPrincess Here's how my evening went...
Probably pulling me close so I don't trip over everything. Best carnival date ever!!
Aww I can't imagine Rap Monster being afraid of a haunted house but I bet he's that slick.
Oh my! Suga! I've always wanted to be kissed a top of a Ferris wheel. Never imagined it would be Suga tho.
Cotton candy? Jimin? Sign me up. Did he feed me pieces of cotton candy too? Mm...
With that big grin on his face too no doubt. I'd definitely cherish that teddy ;)
And it was the cutest swaggiest selca ever!!
Such a gentleman! I bet it was a hell of a kiss too ;) ;)
I just can't say this enough but I love these things! So much fun! What did everyone else get? Let me know!!
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so much boys.