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The results from the first were alright, but it was bland and didn't come out good. I'm tagging @KhrystinaLee again for making the game.
I love Leo (even though he's a bias wrecker and number one with Ravi now for Vixx biases lol) This will work out since we could have chemistry (two water signs!)
O.O Maybe he was stalking me to ask me out and overcome his shyness. That's actually kind of sweet unless he wanted to kill me then trouble brews.
Happy Virus of Vixx as a best friend wouldn't be a bad thing at all ^-^
Uh oh....the momma is the ex. >.<
That sucks! :( Putting my bestie as the third wheel. I'm sure there some things Leo, Ken, and myself can do together.
Ohhhh that explains. >.< I ignored him or he ignored me and it didn't work out. You knew Leo feelings. Did you plan this N eomma?
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That was cute and even commented on it too lol
2 years ago·Reply
LOL, I just posted that game today. Please feel free to join in the fun! I've noticed a lot of these games coming about recently.
2 years ago·Reply
Of course! You can tag me in future games as well and I'll post my results tomorrow ^-^ Make another idea of stories in my head and see what could happen~
2 years ago·Reply
LMAO! I look forward to it. These day seeing these games rotating and the results have been getting me through. I don't know if you've read the "15 random things about me" card I posted, but it explains alot of why I don't sleep much and why I need good humor to get me through the long work days...
2 years ago·Reply
That's good. Some of the results in the games are funny and brightens the day. I've seen it, but I haven't read into it yet. I will do that now ^^ That's understandable since work days do suck unless you love your job.
2 years ago·Reply