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The second episode of Infinite on Weekly Idol (read: Infinite being trolled/bullied) is airing tonight! This time, the show is gonna give them A+ beef. Yay! Who doesn’t love beef? But thing isn’t so easy for Infinite. Actually, things are never easy for them at Weekly Idol (hence, the name). This time, the two (evil) MC hyung made a condition that beef will be only given if the members have good abs! Of course, Hoya, Dongwoo and Woohyun were the first to reveal their bodies. After all, the trios are well-known for abs among the group. What about the other? From what I know, Sungkyu hasn’t done ANY exercise for years. He looks chubby recently too (from eating and sleeping too much, I think). Sungjong… well let’s not go there. Sungyeol used to do a bit of training so I guess it wouldn’t be that bad. L, will his image allow him to reveal his body? So Infinite’s beef is on the line. Do you think they will make it? I will definitely watch Weekly Idol today and update you guys hehe xD
@larkspurs wow do you speak Korean? Can I ask where you are from?
No worries, I watch in Korean, helps me get better!
@Larkspurs hey sorry I realized the link I gave you didn't have engsub. Since it was out ytd there is no sub yet so you can try watching the first ep?
@Larkspurs You have to watch it they are such dorks on this show!! If you like it I can link you more :D I love the previous episodes when they ganged up on Sunggyu... poor guy lol.
Do you have a link for this show? I've never watched. I love Infinite.
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