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He's my title card cuz I GOT HIM FOR NOTHING. So sad
My Secret Admirer - JiYong. Am I happy? I like the purses... ?
My Crazy Ex-Boyfriend - T.O.P Yea, he is crazy.
Who is also the Crazy Guy Down the Street. Why haven't I moved?? Lol.
My Best Friend's Boyfriend - Taeyang.
My Valentine - Seungri
This was cute. Clearly I had no idea what I was doing. What is everyone else getting? @KhrystinaLee
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You're the first my dear. It's OK, it was hilarious! Your best friend's boyfriend proposed to you! That's super twisted!!!
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The whole point is to build a reaction toward the gift they are giving you and where they want to take you. Make a fun story out of it! It's fun!
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^-^ The others tried to steal your heart away kekeke
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