NamjoonX Reader Genre: fluff/Angst
You sighed as you tried to find an escape from this boring guy sitting in front of you. You looked down at your drink and then back at him again, ‘he just keeps talking doesn’t he? Just smile and nod’ you thought. You stared at his untouched coffee, wondering how he was able to talk this long with a drink. You starting thinking, why would you agree to go on this blind date? Oh that’s right, your mother forced you to. She really needed you to get married and that’s not possible when you’re not even dating. You sighed again and noticed the flat screen TV behind him. You watched commercial after commercial waiting for whatever show to come on, anything was better than this. The show was getting an interview to a band, not just any band. It was BTS. You immediately notice Namjoon in the middle, introducing the group. You couldn’t help but think back to your past. You remember meeting him in high school and he became the most hated person in your life. You were always second to everything because of him. He always got to beat you on everything -Not just tests- and you hated him for it. It became a competition, you didn’t know if you would consider yourself friends with him but you didn’t care. All you wanted was to win. You remember the day you were locked in a classroom with him. You got in trouble for arguing and had to clean the class after school. You guessed that the janitor didn’t see you two cleaning and locked the door. That day was the day that changed everything in your life. It was the day he broke down in front of you from all the stress he carried. He acted like the happiest person on earth but on the inside there was a person trying to break free. He always had this talent in music, but his parents didn’t support the idea of him being an idol.
You were surprised that he revealed everything to you, he didn’t know why he suddenly spilled everything out to you, but he did. The people that surrounded him were all in a happy dream land, oblivious to what was really there. You were the only one who saw reality, who saw how fake he can be. To his surprise, you were there for him. As he broke into tears, you stroked his hair, softly whispering comforting words. Something changed after that day, the competitive relationship you once had with him became something else. A friendship formed and you became his most trusted person. As the years passed, Namjoon became a trainee after convincing his parents (with your help). You hadn’t noticed it but you fell in love with him, and he had expressed the same feelings towards you. You didn’t know when or how but the friendship became more and you felt happy with him. Because of you, he was able to pursue his dreams. But everything changed when he debuted. You knew he would be busy. He would still call and text you from time to time. But soon, the phone calls and text messages stopped coming and it worried you. You would spend almost two or three weeks without talking or seeing him once. That’s when it all came crashing down, you mind started playing games. You started thinking stupid thoughts like, “Is he cheating on you?” or “Did he break up with you and not say anything about it?” These questions haunted your mind until you suddenly snapped and they came crashing down on him. He was surprised with your sudden accusations, he knew that the trust that you once had with him was gone and that it was time to end it once and for all. “Hello? Are you listening to me?” The man asked, breaking your thoughts. You shook your head as your eyes left the TV. “Wow, this is boring.” You flinched at his words. “Boring? Me? Have you seen yourself? Talking for-” You checked your phone for the time. “30 minutes straight about your stupid company and your stupid pets. No wonder why you have so many pets, because you’re going to be a lonely man that needs all the company he can get. Have a good day.” You snapped, stomping out of the coffee shop. You were too pissed to notice the load of screaming fangirls sprinting down this street. You soon notice the pink haired boy heading your way. Before you could move he bumped right into you and both of you fell down. “Ow!” You whined, rubbing your head. “Sorry, sorry!” He apologized quickly standing up, offering his hand to you. You looked up shocked to find who was standing before you. “Namjoon…” You mumbled, his eyes widen realizing who you were. “Hey, Y/N.” He smiled, pulling you up.
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