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New to the series? Click here! ---------> Why Me? --------- “Yes.” “No.” We looked at each other as the words came out of our mouths at the same time. “No she’s not dancing. She’s pregnant.” “Tae, you guys are down a dancer, and I know the choreography. I will take it easy ok? If I’m feeling any kind of pain or weakness, I’ll stop immediately.” He was giving me a look of apprehension, but I wasn’t backing down. Who knew if I would get the chance to dance on stage with Tae again? “She’s right Tae. We need her, and it’s only for one dance. It’s not the most complicated piece, so she should be fine.” “Then she gets to be my partner.” “Tae you already have a partner.” “No way in hell am I letting Jimin do this dance with Pais.” “Fine! You’ll switch with Jimin, but you’re the one who has to explain why to your partner.” “You know I can’t do that Namjoon. I can’t tell my ex partner that I’m switching because I don’t want my girlfriend, that no one knows about, to dance so seductively with Jimin.” “Fair point. We’ll just say that Pais is a better match for Tae.” “Well she is,” he grinned cheekily. “But you better be careful. I don’t know what I would do if you got hurt while doing this.” “Tae it’ll be fine. I know what I’m doing.” “Who is she?” “She’s a little fat don’t you think?” “How did she even make it looking like that?” “And why is she so close with the guys. It’s not like she’s their friend. She’s just a dancer. She needs to know her place.” Hiding around the corner, I listened to them go on and on about everything they thought about me. “I think all of you guys are very lucky that I’m not a whiny tattle tale, or you wouldn't have jobs anymore,” I said coming out of my hiding place. “Like you would have any control over something like that,” one of them sneered. Tae’s old partner. “Actually, I would listen to her. She has more control than even we do.” I jumped when I heard Tae’s voice, felt his arm drape across my shoulder. All of the girls’ eyes widened. Except for hers. “So then that’s how she became a dancer. It had nothing to do with talent. She just used that little mouth of hers, and probably threw in a couple thousand bucks like spare change.” Tae’s grip tightened causing pain to shoot down my arm. “Tae you’re hurting me,” I pleaded under my breath, but he didn’t listen. He was too overcome with anger to hear anything except what his old partner was saying. Some of the girls had left to avoid getting involved. The remaining were hanging on to their last bits of loyalty as they stood behind their “leader”. “No talent my ass. You can’t criticize people for things that you do.” I honestly didn’t think he was this strong. And I mean I like a strong man, but at this moment, I really wish he had the strength of a baby bunny. It would be really nice not to pass out from lack of oxygen because my boyfriend was restricting my air passages. “Hah! I made it on pure talent! And what about you? Weren’t you hidden from the public until you debuted? The company wanted to make sure people only saw the really talented members of BTS.” Ok now that was too far. And I would love to defend him, but I’m probably not going to be much help, given the fact that I’m currently about to pass out and my arm is numb. “I don’t care what you say about me, but don’t ever insult her again.” “Oh trust me, I don’t plan on wasting my breath on that fat, talentless weirdo again.” Well dang what did I ever do to you? Sorry I’m pregnant? You know, holding a tiny fetus in my body. Not exactly voluntary weight gain thank you. “You have absolutely nothing on my girlfriend. You don’t even come close to her.” “Girlfriend? So that’s what’s going on here. She’s your little whore.” Tae immediately released his grip, realizing what he had just said. I fell to the floor, coughing, and Jin came out of no where to help me. “Hospital,” I gasped. “Baby.” I glanced up at Tae who was frozen, eyes wide, hands shaking fists. “Get out,” he spat. “Get out before I do something I’ll regret.” Her confident demeanor disappeared as she ran down the hallway. “Tae,” I whispered, reaching out weakly for him. “Pais, the ambulance is here. We have to get you on there quickly.” Jimin picked me up gently. “No… Not without Taehyung.” Any moment now, the news would be announced. Our relationship would no longer be a secret. I needed him by my side for that. If those girls said such awful things about me without even knowing I was dating Tae… I can’t even imagine what fans would say. But he just stood there, ignoring my pleas. “I’ll knock some sense into him Pais. Just get to the hospital.” I watched Suga roughly drag him into the practice room, before finally losing conscious. I woke up to the rude gleam of the sun coming through the slightly cracked curtains. I looked down at my hand, clasped in the large hand of my boyfriend. I looked at the clock on the wall. Noon. I must’ve slept through the whole day yesterday. This room is really nice though. Wonder why they didn’t just stick me in the typical shared rooms. “It would be chaos if we stuck you in a shared room.” I turned towards the door way and saw Jin and Namjoon standing there. “Especially with this.” He handed me a few sheets of paper, and I looked at them curiously. ‘Kim Taehyung of BTS in a relationship with a foreigner?’ Oh… So the secret really is out. “We’ve shut down all of our social media accounts, and everyone in the company has been put on temporary lockdown. All just safety precautions of course. We don’t really know how fans will take it, both Korean and International. We know how they would act if you were Korean, but because you’re white, and from America, we’re kinda winging it.” “I’m sorry… I didn’t want you guys to have to suffer because of me.” “Yah don’t apologize. It’s the idiot next to you that should be apologizing. But I think he beat himself up enough yesterday. He was a mess.” “The baby… What about the baby?” “The doctor said the baby appears fine in the tests, but their looking at them more closely right now.” The baby was ok. That’s what mattered. I felt a hand lightly lay across my stomach. “It’s all my fault Jagi. All my fault. I lost my temper. I hurt you and spilled our secret. I’m so sorry.” “Hey as long as you stay with me, then everything will be ok right? You can’t go distancing yourself from me or I won’t be able to handle it all. I need you Tae.” His face was still coated with anguish, but hope sparked in his eyes. “Yes Jagi. I will always be here. I need you too.”
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Wwwaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! This went right through the feels!!!!
Is this the last chapter .... if not Please tag me in the rest. this is a good story.😇😇😇😇😆😆😀😀😀😁😁
Oh no no no @Orihemay there is MUCH more coming
OH MAN IM SO HAPPY THE BABY IS OKAY :c and that they're both okay!!! I hope everything goes at least semi-smoothly with the fans >.<
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