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New to the series? Click here! ---------> Why Me? --------- I hadn’t been able to go outside since I was admitted. As we expected, the news of our relationship was producing much harsher feedback. Every day, a group of about ten girls would surround the hospital, making it impossible for me to go outside. Tae had to continue going to rehearsal while I was in the hospital, but he had always come to visit me after practice ended. He had somehow persuaded his manager to let them out early today so that they could be at the hospital when I was released. I was released from the hospital a week later, overjoyed that I no longer had to wear that uncomfortable hospital gown. Apparently word of my release had caught on. Many more girls were outside of the entrance, waiting for me to walk out. I wasn’t the kind of person who usually cared about what people thought. But this was different. I was now one of the most hated people in the K-pop industry. Not that I didn’t expect this kind of response. I just wasn’t exactly prepared for it. Two completely different things. I felt Tae squeeze my hand before he led me through the doors of the hospital. Immediately, shouts of criticism rang in my ears. “Don’t listen Jagi. You know they’re not true.” He was handling it all so well. Of course he wasn’t a pregnant woman whose hormones are currently off the charts. My mind told me I didn’t care, which I didn’t, but my body told me to cry. I didn’t even want to cry, but I was crying. He opened the car door, helping me inside, before climbing in himself and closing the door. He began to wipe my tears, only to cause me to cry more. “Jagi… Don’t cry… Don’t cry over those stupid comments.” “Tae I’m not even crying because of that. I don’t know why the fuck I’m even crying.” “Jagi you just cussed,” he teased. “But how can you not know why you’re crying.” “Yah… My hormones are all screwed up. I could be crying a river, but be the happiest person in the world at the same time.” “That makes no sense.” “Nothing makes sense to you Tae.” He began to pout before stealing a gentle kiss. “But you still love me Jagi,” he smirked. “Unfortunately.” The rest of the car ride consisted of a pouting Tae, and much teasing. “Still nothing?” “No Tae, the baby hasn’t kicked yet.” “The baby won’t kick until about six months or so.” I raised an eyebrow at Hoseok. “Looks like someone has been doing some research,” I smirked. His face grew red before returning to the book he was reading. “Yeah, but you said the baby hasn’t moved at all.” “The baby is small. I don’t think I’ll be able to feel movement until later.” “But what about its heartbeat? Shouldn’t we be able to hear it?” I froze. We should its almost been two months. The doctor said we would be able to hear the heartbeat after five weeks. We were able to hear it a few weeks ago. Before the whole incident. “We’re going to the hospital,” Tae said urgently. He helped me stand up and get outside to the car. “I’m sure it’s fine Tae. The baby is probably just turned and its heartbeat is muffled. “Just in case. I need to know for sure that our baby is ok.” I spent the car ride trying to listen for a heartbeat, but all I could hear was my own pounding in my ears. The doctor said the baby was fine when I was released. That means the baby should be fine. Right? I watched Tae restlessly pacing in the lobby of the hospital. “Tae you’re making me nervous just watching you.” “I’m sorry Jagi. I’ll try to calm down.” He sat next me and pulled my hands into his “Ms. Norton?” Tae sprang from his chair when my name was called. We followed the nurse to a private room. “The doctor will be in to see you soon.” “Everything will be ok Tae,” I reassured once we were alone. “I just can’t help but feel nervous Jagi.” “Don’t be I-” I was cut off as the doctor entered the room. He began conducting test after test, writing every detail down on his little clipboard. “I’m going to go look at some of the results in more detail. I will be back once I am finished.” I nodded and Tae bowed to him as he left the room. “Aish! What does he have to look at! Can’t he just tell us that the baby is fine?!” “Patience Tae, Patience.” He plopped down into the chair with a sigh. “I don’t understand how you’re taking this so well.” I shrugged. “Mother instinct?” We waited another 30 minutes before the doctor finally came back. “Mr. Kim, Ms. Norton. I’m not sure how this happened, but it seems that your test results from your last visit had gotten mixed up with another set of results. Unfortunately, you’ve had a miscarriage.” Everything just stopped. I was alone in the pitch black space. Tae was gone. The doctor was gone. The baby was gone. I wasn’t a mother anymore. I was brought back to reality when I felt the first tear fall. “Tae…” My voice was rough and barely audible. He pulled me into his arms, and I broke down. I felt so empty. “It’s ok Jagi. We’ll keep going and then get married, and then we’ll try again.” I could tell he was about to breakdown as well, but he was staying strong for me. I knew everything would be ok, but I couldn’t help but feel like I had lost a part of myself. Chapter 16 Probably have quite a bit to apologize for, but for now I'll just apologize for the short and crappy chapters lately. @SindyHernandez @FrancescaV95BTS
well I'm gonna be in a puddle of tears for a while
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