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K-POP Game Day Answers

Hello all I was tagged by @MadAndrea to do this awesome fact revealing thing! Sorry I'm really late on this I have been busy with school etc.
Anywho let's get this started. I'm unsure it it has to be kpop related or not so..... Let's go!!!
1. I prefer 2d animation to 3d. 2. My original kpop bias is Minzy. 3. J-Hope is slowly becoming my bias wrecker for BTS. 4. I would like to learn some kpop dance routines. (Female or male group don't matter) 5. My family is mainly female.... we rarely have males. 6. Before finding my love of animation I wanted to be an archeologist. 7. My in Italy are CBL=cable. XD 8. I am still fairly new to kpop and open to any groups or solo artists that people recommend. 9. I have never dyed my hair (Sorry can't think of many things.... plus very random) 10. Family have said I can sing but it's family. XD
11. I have moved back and forth between California, Arizona, and Nevada so many times I can't stand moving. 12. I had a possessed Barney when I was a kid. ( I had to use the gif XD) 13. I used to be a cheerleader..... 14. I love learning about different cultures. 15. I sunburn really bad and even with suntan lotion get scorched by sunlight.
@MadAndrea Cool cool I will have to look them up. If you do any cards for them can you tag me? @shannonl5 Well when I was younger I had a barney plush that talked. My uncle took the batteries out because it would turn on without anyone touching it and it still talked. So my grandma threw it out in the trash. Next day it was in the house again. We repeated the process about 3 more times before my grandma waited for the trash truck. XD
Barney why????
If you want to try a new group I'm doing stuff to introduce the group UNIQ!
@loftonc16 Will do ^_^