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It seems like one of the biggest lunchtime nightmares. You've taken your wrapped salad out of the refrigerator, sit down to eat it, and find a three-inch lizard, frozen stiff upon the bed of lettuce.
Most would probably scream, flip their salad over, and hunt down someone bigger and stronger to help them deal with it. However, when this exact scenario happened to Faye Mabon, a kindergartner at Riverside Elementary School, something very different occurred.

She saved its life!

Meet Green Fruit Loop, the official pet and mascot of Riverside Elementary teacher Mark Eastburn's science class. When Faye found the lizard, she alerted the science teacher, who then found that the lizard wasn't dead at all, but simply appearing lifeless from the refrigerator's extreme cold.
Mark identified Green Fruit Loop as a baby Carolina anole lizard, a species native to the Northeast that has the ability to camouflage into its environment, which is how he speculates is how the lizard was able to sneak into the food undetected.
Now sufficiently incubated and back to full health, Green Fruit Loop gets plenty of attention from Riverside Elementary students AND faculty. Mark was also able to create a whole lesson around the lizard - as the Carolina anole was the very first reptile to have its DNA genome sequenced.
So the next time you see a creepy-crawly somewhere unexpected, don't be scared. Just scoop it up and find a way to donate it... FOR SCIENCE!!!

So would you have thought to rescue the lizard, or would you get rid of it as fast as possible?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more strange science news, follow my Weird Science collection!
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@atmi Oh no!!! Is it just lizards or all kinds of creepy-crawlies?
2 years ago·Reply
anything look like lizard, yes @danidee. but not spider or roches. I can kill it as fast as I walk.. LOL
2 years ago·Reply
@atmi Yeah, i've never been too afraid of spiders. I can crush them pretty fast lol.
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee you'd kill Charlotte? Think about the babies.
2 years ago·Reply
@EasternShell DIE CHARLOTTE! DIE!! Just kidding. :'(
2 years ago·Reply