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So we're taught that 주세요 means 'please' but what does it REALLY mean?!

It actually means "to give"

Here's how to use it:

NOUN 주세요

Please give me.

펜 주세요 - Give me a pen please.

(pen ju-se-yo)

김밥 주세요 - Give me kimbap please.

(kimbap ju-se-yo)

물 주세요 - Give me water please.

(mul ju-se-yo)

김치 더 주세요 - Give me more kimchi please.

(kimchi deo ju-se-yo)

너의 전화번호 주세요 - Give me your phone number please.

neo-ui jeon-hwa beon-ho ju-se-yo)

VERB 주세요

Please do this for me.
Just ~세요 means please do...but not necessarily "for me." The 주 means "to give" so you're saying please give me this favor? Does that make sense?
1. Take the verb (하다)
2. Change it to informal ()
3. Add 주세요 (해 주세요)
4. DONE!


연락하다 - To contact

(yeol-lak ha-da)

연락해 주세요 - Please contact me!

(yeol-lak hae-ju-se-yo)

기다리다 - To wait


기다려 주세요 - Please wait for me!

(ki-da-ryeo ju-se-yo)

Please is pretty important, right?!

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@AlyssaGelet818 is it informal or formal because I was told it's best to learn formal first then informal later
@MissT615 Um, of what I've seen talktomeinkorean seems to be a little bit of everything. And the website is typically more formal.
i actually learned 세요 recently for please do lol thank you for this card