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Member: Daehyun Group: B.A.P "Stop it!" I groaned, rolling away from Daehyun. "Oh come on. You've been sleeping all day!" He complained, continuing to tickle me. "I'm tired..." I sighed into the pillow, clutching it closer to my chest. "Babe pleeeease get up?" He pleaded, I could hear the pout in his voice. "Nuh uh." I mumbled, keeping my eyes tightly closed as he climbed over me in front of my face again. I peeked open an eye to see a cute grin on his face. I rolled over again, causing him to sigh and climb over me again. He pulled me close and whispered in my ear. "Jagi I'm hungry lets go eat something." "You're always hungry." "You're always tired." "Because you never let me sleep." I glared at him, making him laugh. "What?! If I didn't get you up you'd sleep until 5pm!" He exclaimed. "What's wrong with that?" I asked innocently. He started rubbing his hands on my arms. "If I sing will you get up?" He asked, smirking. "Maybe." I grinned at him, closing my eyes again. He let out sigh signaling that he was pouting. I moved my hands up to his chest, curling them in a fist and sighing, content. His hands moved down my arm and to my side, pausing. He laid a light kiss on my forehead smirking slightly. "I'll give you one more chance." He warned. I hummed in return, quickly falling asleep as Youngjae started yelling in the living room. Daehyun's fingers quickly started to dance across my skin, making me smirk. "You forgot I'm not ticklish there." I commented, keeping my eyes closed. "Daehyun-ah!" Himchan called, causing Daehyun to sit up. I heard the door be opened and Himchan sat on the bed, poking my calf. "Why is she still in bed?" "Because I'm tired." I replied simply. "You're always tired." He commented, causing Daehyun to laugh. "See?!" He exclaimed. "Because you never let me sleeeeeep." I whined. "Well that's what happens when you date Daehyun hyung, you get 4 other annoying brothers." Junhong commented from his bed. "What do you mean 4?" Himchan asked. "I mean I don't annoy her. I let her sleep." "Because she yelled at you and wrestled you last time." Daehyun laughed. "DAEHYUN!" Youngjae yelled. I groaned and pulled the pillow over my head, sinking deeper into the blanket. Daehyun's bed was always so much more comfortable than my own, and frankly smelled better. The only problem is that 3 out of the 6 men that lived here were constantly loud. Junhong and Jongup had their moments, just not very often when I was around. They tended to play games with each other or sit in their rooms. "What, Youngjae?" Daehyun asked, smacking the pillow over my head and making me jump. "Will you hurry up and get her out of bed? That's all she does when she comes over here." Youngjae pouted. "She promised to make us dinner." "You did?" Daehyun asked, pulling the pillow off my head. I groaned loudly and sat up. "Yeah." I muttered, standing up and walking to the kitchen. All the ingredients I had bought on my way here, we're spread out on the counters. I sighed as I walked to the sink and started washing my hands. Arms wrapped around my waist, which I ignored. "Want me to help?" Daehyun's deep voice asked. "Promise you won't eat everything?" I asked. He laughed and nodded. "I promise." He said, taking my spot to wash his hands. I tiredly rubbed my eyes with the back of my hands and got started. We started cooking in a comfortable silence cut off only when Daehyun would ask the other boys questions on what they wanted vs. didn't on the meal. Then the miniature food fight started. It started out as Daehyun not paying attention and accidentally flecking food in my face. He cracked up laughing before apologizing. I frowned and grabbed the closest thing to me, green onions, and threw them at him. He laughed even harder and grabbed both of my hands, pulling me into him so I couldn't grab anything else and planting a kiss on my forehead. I looked up and him and smiled, pecking his chin. "Ah hyuuung!" Junhong whined as he came into the kitchen. "Can't you do that somewhere else?!" He covered his eyes and bumped into the wall as he tried to back out of the room. Daehyun and I both laughed before going back to cooking.
@drummergirl691 sure thing
@drummergirl691 after some thought there may be a part 2 to this after all. I don't know when though because I still have a JB, another Daehyun, a Hakyeon, a Zelo, a Ravi, and a Jackson imagine to do.
@drummergirl691 as of right now it's a one shot
@SindyHernandez I'm not sure I'll be writing fanfics on here. I have a Quotev account where I have a Kim Seokjin story and a GD story if you'd want to check those out. But I'll be sure to tag you in future imagines.
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