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Has Australia Been Scooby Doo This Whole Time?
I'm not usually one for conspiracy theories, but this one just about blows my mind. Forget OWNING your own island. Scooby Doo IS an island. In fact, he's practically a continent!
@jiggzy19 @MattK95 @AnimaniaFreak @InPlainSight @MissB82, HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING ON SCOOBY DOO'S FACE THIS ENTIRE TIME? (And, if so, do I really want to know what Tasmania is supposed to be?)
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@danidee What happened to the remainder of his body? Did we behead him?
2 years ago·Reply
Oh no no. 'Costly'. You must've misheard. I said a dog that big is very costly.
2 years ago·Reply
Big dogs can be costly....I hope you have been taking him for walks
2 years ago·Reply
despite his legless state
2 years ago·Reply
This is priceless. lol
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