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영어 하세요?

What other languages can you speak?

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Hopefully whenever I go to South Korea I won't need this phrase. Meaning I'll be able to communicate with others in Korean.
2 years ago·Reply
My native language is English, but I have studied a little German and a tiny bit of Spanish. I am currently trying to learn Korean. I put the emphasis on trying. It is difficult. But they say once you learn Korean, Japanese and Chinese are easier to learn.
2 years ago·Reply
@PrettieeEmm I speak English, Yoruba, little bit of French, and currently Intermediate in Korean, but I have a PH.D. In Sarcasm. Lol, is that bad🤔
2 years ago·Reply
@thekreviewer Lol no always good to be fluent
2 years ago·Reply
Ich spreche Deutch....
2 years ago·Reply