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Everyone is waiting for you when you reach the car. Everyone except Jiyong. You scold yourself for even daring to hope he'd be there waiting to say goodbye. Stefan chats with the members while Eu Jin says her goodbyes. She's been BIGBANG's English translator for a number of years, traveling with them anytime they went abroad. They loan her to you whenever you come to Korea. But now, she's going to the states with you. You are stealing her away to help Stef out with the Korean/international aspects of your life. Your Korean is coming along quite well, but Stef's isn't.
You exchange hugs and goodbyes with each of the boys, except Seungri who is saving his goodbyes for the airport.
"I'll talk to him." Youngbae says. You look up at him, your brows furrowed. How can he be so noble? You feel the heat of tears flood your eyes again. Instinctively, you lower your head in hopes he won't see. But he does. You know he does. He caresses your cheek with his fingertips then places his index finger under chin, lifting your face up, forcing you to meet his gaze.
"Y/N," The way he tenderly says your name makes your heart flutter. "Just because we're not together anymore doesn't mean I don't care." You turn away; the confirmation that your relationship has indeed ended is more reality than you want right now. But Youngbae isn't going to drop it. He pulls your face back to his while tucking your hair behind your ear. Looking at him, you wonder if it's normal to be so intimate with your ex.
"I know you're hurting." He says. "Jiyong is hurting too." He adds.
"And you? Are you not hurting?" He looks down for a moment, sighing, then back to you.
"I am." Tears flood his eyes. Your heart aches at the sight of his pain, knowing you're the cause of it; the cause of those tears. At the same time you can't help feeling a little relieved at knowing he's affected by this too. "I am" He repeats, his voice catching in the back of his throat. "Please don't think I'm not." He lowers his forehead, resting it on yours.
He's close enough now that you can smell the familiar scent of him. You long desperately for him to wrap his arms around you, to pull you close, to kiss you. His lips are just inches away from yours now.
'Is this love?' The question pops into your head. It's been almost three years since you left your ex. He'd done a number on you. Instead of dating again, you built walls to protect yourself. Youngbae was the first guy since that you'd been interested in. You chose him. Even now, you still choose him. Your heart hurts at the thought of the end. You long to be in his arms. 'This must be love, right?' Can you say the words you believe he wants to hear? Would it change things if you did? ...Not for Jiyong. He might never talk to you again. And what about the friendship between Jiyong and Youngbae? Would that be beyond repair if you said saranghae? No. Those words won't stop the pain for any of you.
"I miss you already." Is all you can manage. Youngbae releases his grip, holding you at arms length. Blinking back tears, he leans down, kissing your forehead.
"Goodbye Y/N. Get home safe."
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