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Chief producer Moon Bo Hyun of Heaven′s Will had more praise to give his actors, as he said Lim Seulong, who plays the Crown Prince in the drama, will become even better as the story progresses. "Lim Seulong will continue to improve, just like [CN Blue′s] Lee Jung Shin did in My Daughter Seo Young," he said. The producer spoke at the press roundtable for the drama held on May 7. "We didn′t cast Lim Seulong because he was the member of an idol group. He auditioned as a rookie actor, and he joined the cast thanks to his passion and sincerity toward his role," he said. "We were concerned about casting for the Crown Prince role," he added. "We especially came to cast Lim Seulong because we needed an actor who could act as an Injong that is not weak as is described in the records, but strong enough to go against Queen Munjeong. He also had to show great teamwork with the other leads. Though his eyes are deep and sincere, we do know his acting falls short somewhat, but he is an actor with potential." Lim Seulong currently appears as the Crown Prince, who later becomes King Injong. He has been continuously criticized for his lack of skills in acting. Moon Bo Hyun said about Lim Seulong, "He′s similar to Lee Jung Shin, who appeared in KBS2′s My Daughter Seo Young. His eyes were as deep and sincere as Lee Jung Shin′s in the drama." Lee Jung Shin was also criticized in his beginnings for his overacting and incomprehensible lines. As the story continued to progress, however, he later came to be called the biggest jewel My Daughter Seo Young had dug up. The producer said, "You can look forward to seeing Lim Seulong improve just like Lee Jung Shin did. Since he has potential to grow, I hope you look on with kinder eyes." Producer Yoo Jong Sun also had high praise to give the idol star for his effort and attitude. He said, "Since it′s his first period piece, he looks awkward in his acting, and he knows this. His trustworthy attitude, however, shows he′s bent on becoming a better actor, and since he has his own center of gravity he has the potential to do so." Heaven′s Will also stars Song Ji Hyo and Lee Dong Wook. From enews. My 2cents on this: It's quite normal for singers to be bad at acting, especially for the first few eps (for some, it takes a few shows to improve). It's no surprise that Seulong would get criticized. But I hope what the crew said is true - and that he does have a lot of potential in him.
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Yes! Hope he will improve. Prove the people who doubt you that they are wrong Seulong~