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Okay so as international fans there are only so many ways to get our Kpop news...but please for the love of god DONT choose these two sites...

I've already talked about Koreaboo here:

But here are more reasons:

(some points taken from this petition!)

1.Misleading Titles

Check these out -

Koreaboo: Netizens claim these are the ugliest KPOP idols
Real Story: Netizens find these idols which has unnoticed good looks
Koreaboo: Netizen furious at Idols disrespecting BigBang at Mama 2015
Real Story: Everyone has a schedule to rush!
Allkpop: Infinite members shed tears while talking about the SM merger
Real Story: Infinite tears up when assuring Inspirits for not changing after entering SM
Koreaboo: Hani is taking drugs after dating scandal
Real Story: Anxiety pills....

2. No Originality

On AllKpop 75% of netizen related posts are ripped off Netizenbuzz and Pannchoa.
Most of Koreaboo's content is translations of FAN-WRITTEN content on the Korean site 'Pann' so none of these posts are originally by Koreaboo.

3. Tolerating fanwars in comments

They have no one actively monitoring the comments. For a site AllKpop's size, they should have some authority and stop the vicious comments from happening.

4. Using unauthorized sources

In 2013, AllKpop published nude pictures of Ailee on their website.
6Theory Media, the parent company of AllKpop, claims to have gotten the images from the anonymous image board AnonIB. But the fact that Ailee's ex-boyfriend Daniel Lee, who is the VICE PRESIDENT of content for allkpop.
Ailee’s management agency released a statement explaining that the nude photos were camera test shots that were taken while Ailee was in the United States after she received an offer to become a lingerie model.
However, the agency that had requested the nude shots was later discovered to be a fake operation targeting female college students.
Basically, please don't use AllKpop or Koreaboo for content ever. Don't give them your traffic. Every time you open their website you're giving them money - and they're not good people.

Check out:

Other posts about how crappy Koreaboo is:

It's sad how Koreaboo starts these things and how AllTheKpop follows in false trends, it would be better if they took the time to actually use good and reliable references and if it was original not just "copy and paste" if you see what I mean..
I can't stand koreaboo. you can tell by the titles and the pictures it's a gossip rag. they like to instigate and divide.
I stopped reading/looking Koreaboo because they tend to use Pann as their source when its pretty much the original poster's opinion. Their titles are always misleading and it's like their main purpose is to start some unnecessary fights between fans/fandoms. As for allkpop I look that one from time to time, mainly because I read the article/news from soompi so I know it's more accurate. I just want to see how allkpop wrote the article. But I don't trust those two as much as I do with soompi and here in Vingle
Welp time for me to unfollow allkpop.
thanks for the heads up! now im gonna delete them off my facebook!!!
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