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Do you like breakfast? Do you like your girlfriend? Do you sometimes like breakfast MORE than your girlfriend?

Well, do your wallet a favor and take your Valentine's Day plans down to the Waffle House. (It should be noted here that I don't actually work for the Waffle House. I'm just really supportive of spiritual connections with food products.)
As a part of their 9th annual 'It's A Waffle House Love Story' event, participating Waffle House locations are taking reservations for a special couples' only dinner - complete with roses, soft candlelight, and plenty of bacon grease.
Waffle House makes it a high class affair by allowing you the option of a T-Bone steak dinner among their usual shortstacks and scrambles. Some locations have even gone so far as to hire live entertainment to create a more romantic atmosphere. (I've never had someone serenade me over so many carbohydrates before, but I'm sure it's magical.)
Despite operating hundreds of locations across the country, like most restaurants limited to 'reservations only' on February 14th, the chain guarantees time slots will sell out fast.
So take the lady in your life to the Waffle House this Valentine's Day. (Just, you know, make sure she knows it's actually a date. This is no time for #FriendshipWaffles.)

Is Waffle House high on your ideal list of V-Day destinations?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more strange stories of love, follow my Crazy Stupid Love collection.
Lol. I mean I wouldn't mind if my date bought me waffles!
@nicolejb I feel like waffles are pretty much love as it is.
@shannonl5 I think so long as we do something ANYTHING on valentine's day, it's automatically romantic.
I'd also be down for this lol
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