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Hey everyone! It's Waifu Wednesday!!!

That means it's time to post up alllllll your waifu. And this week, I've teamed up with our resident harem master @BlackoutZJ and our mod @invinsybll to try out a HAREM MADNESS edition of Waifu Wednesday.!

Since I don't really have a "harem," lol, I've decided to post my favorite girls who are from harem anime today! Stay tuned throughout the day, I'll be posting 2 of them :)

You can learn more about Harem Madness (an ongoing series by @BlackoutZJ) over here, and join in today by posting up your Harem, or your Waifu, or whatever it is that you love!! :D

Join us in today's Harem Edition of Waifu Wednesday!

Tagging Previous Waifu Wednesday Participants!
You did say you had more characters you like after all @Yatosgirl
@MajahnNelson yes you can lol
@jaimeSantiago It's from haiyore nyaruko san!
I'll get to work on it in a bit
@InVinsybll Alright lol now we're cookin
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