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Welcome back!
In case you missed the first part, gotchu fam <3 --->
It was like she said. The two years had passed by quicker than you thought they would.
Since that time, you had straighten out your priorities and held a steady job in order to fund your addictions to anime and Kpop. Your attendance to anime conventions had increased since that night in Pasadena, but like a ritual, you would look at the pictures of you and Dae-Sung when you first met every night before you went to bed.
After the day of his release from the military, YG had promised that BigBang would go straight into making a comeback. Though you were happy to be hearing new music again, you knew that that would keep Dae-Sung busy everyday so it stung your heart a bit. With him not having any social media accounts, you couldn't keep yourself updated on his life. The idea of texting him made you tremble with fear that he may have forgotten who you were, or that his feelings might have changed.
“Maybe he's not coming back after all,” you say one morning to your BFF.
“Don't talk like that, of course he's coming back! Now help me put this on,” she replied.
“But it's already been three years, today....” your voice trails off while you tighten strings on her cosplay.
“Girl, keep it together and smile, that's what you've been doing all this time and that's what you gotta stay doing. It'd make him happy,” she turned her head to you and encouraged a smile.
“You're right, I'm sorry.”
“Come on, we're going to be late to the convention again,” your BFF tugged you out the door once she had her things ready.
It was the first time you had attended AnimeCon after Dae-Sung left. You walked down the booths and smile to yourself when memories would emerge in your head.
You spot a Doraemon mask similar to the one he had worn that day and buy it for yourself. You slip it on and get lose yourself within the crowd, dodging rowdy teenagers and snapping pictures of amazing cosplays.
As soon as you take a seat for the cosplay contest, your phone rings. “Hello?” you answer.
“Y/N, I need your help back stage, please hurry!” your BFF exclaimed.
“I'm on my way,” you hang up and push your way through to the back of the stage just as the host came out and greeted the audience. You find your BFF quickly. “What's wrong?”
She pulls you to the edge of the stage, behind the main curtains. Your BFF pointed to her costume, “I'm about to go on, please tighten it,” she pouted.
You roll your eyes and smile at her helplessness. As your fingers wrap around the strings, a familiar voice took over the microphone and caused a loud ruckus from the crowd.
“Before the contest begins, I want to call out an angel I met here, three years ago,” the voice chuckled.
You BFF suddenly turns and grabs you then pushes you into the brightly lit stage. You look at her confused.
“There she is,” the voice continued. You turned your attention back to the center stage and see a man in a suit walking towards you, something covered his face. He grabs your hand and pulls you to the center of the stage.
When your eyes adjust to the bright spotlight, you see that same Doraemon mask on the man that you were wearing. The man reaches around your ears and slips off your mask.
“An angel has been waiting for me to return for three long years. Do you think heaven would get mad if I stole one of their angels?” he laughed and the audience cheered.
You furrowed your eyebrows and looked at the man with a puzzled expression, He chuckled and squeezed your hand gently with a warmth so gentle and familiar, it made the gears in your head start to turn.
“Y/N, I hope you're not thinking of running away from me again, because,” the crowd oohed. The man pulled out a small box and sunk down on a knee. He quickly removed his mask and flipped the box open to reveal a ring,“I'm finally here to take you away.”
"Dae-Sung?" you gasped. He flashed a bright smile at you.
The audience erupted with cheers and a round of applause. You throw your arms around him and cry into his neck, saying yes when you get enough oxygen to speak. Dae-Sung picks you up and kisses your hair.
"She said yes!" he exclaims to the audience with a huge smile on his face. The audience cheered louder at the responds and Dae-Sung scooped you into his arms, carrying you backstage.
The End <3 *sobs*
But don't give up now, because Tae-Yang will be making his appearance tomorrow! And knowing Youngbae...well.... *blushes* :3
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(Side note- I saw a Doraemon onesie today at the mall, made me die inside because it was so cute but it was hella expensive D'x )
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awwwwwww. that was a sweet ending. I was smiling so hard my cheeks hurt.
Love all the stories . So sweet and cute ! Keep on writing and tagging me! Awesome!
Cuteness overload!! =)
love this... and my bae is coming tomorrow?! remember to tag me on pls!!
Awwwwwwwwwwiiieeeeee!!!! Some serious cute happening there. I loved that.
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