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One thing you need to keep in mind when you are travelling to Barcelona. People in here does not consider themselves as Spanish, they prefer to call themselves the Catalunyan. They have their own language, and so on. (For Catalunya, there are 3 capital Barcelona is the biggest one, then Lleida, and then Girona) Since the city located next to the beach, so it would be really pleasure to travel here during the summer time (Well for me, Barcelona is always great to travel to in anytime of the year). What is Barcelona famous for? Hmm Football ofcourse, they have one of the best football club in Europe. One hint, You SHOULDNOT wear Real Mardird jersey when you travel here. They are also famous for their layback lifestyle. What you can do in Barcelona? Swimming, drinking, clubbing, hiking, climbing, sky-diving, you, name it, they have all it there. Also one thing i would like to mention is you would see a lot of marjuanna dealers here, so if you do not want to invlove in thoses, just walked away. What can you eat in this city? Spanish cuisine is way too delicous !! (At the moment i did feel drooling myselfves here while writing this artcile, I just missed the food so much :( ) . The bread with tomato sauce, the jammon, (Spanish ham) , the tapas, Sangria, the bread, the nail, so on and so forth . YOu should ask the local, where is the good reasturant for Tapas, and they are willing to show you. Remember, try to get away all the tourist spot in La Rambla . Food in there is expensive and not even good. What to see? The famous church, Sagrada Família, ofcoruse. It is still in the process of completing the church (on 2020, when it is finnished, it would be the biggest church in the world :). A lot more things to see, you could find all those information when you get there. And yeah, if you want to see the works of Salvador Dalí, you could hop in the train, go to the another city which is 1.30 hours away from Barcelona. What the name of that city? I do not remember, Google yourself, will you? ;D Last but not least, TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN BAGS AND BELONGINGS. Barcelona is name as the theives capital of EUrope.
hehehe ok!! I am waiting to see your photos about your beautiful country !! :)
Hi Tapsamai, I apologize for the delay but I'm having some problems with my Internet connection since Friday, you'll be right to tell me yallah because it's taking time lol, but I hope that today it will work a bit, I'll do my best :-)
I did know a word in Arabic :D Yallah ! Yallah !! (Hurry, Hurry !!) heheh I did learn it from few of my Arabic friends while ago. I am really looking forward to see your photos. I am reading a bit about Algeria now as well :)
Hi! I began to select some photographs, but the country is huge there will be a lot, I selected them from the Internet, I never made photos. of landscapes in Algeria, I'm always on a hurry or there's places I never been to yet, or places which we are so used to see that we forgot how beautiful they are, I'll try my best to post them ASAP. As you said traveling and meeting interesting people always make you learn something new. I hope I could load theme easily into vingle, I'll try! A bientôt! ( it's French for see you soon, next time I'll show how we say bye in Arabic :-)
@ouahoo Yah I did read a bit about French colonization, not really deep inside though. And yah, there is a lot of Vietnamese in France, but they went there long ago due to the colonization. A lot of young Vietnamese men was also forced to fight for the French during the WWII as well. I did know a person who marry with a Algerian man. There are a lot of Interrate marriage in French as i know :) . I think Vietnam War was really big in the 60s and 70s, so most of the European studied about that war, as well as Korean war. However, in my school time in vietnam, I did not know much about the Korean War, those are things that I learnt by myself during my travel abroad. :)
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