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too many times!!!
You know it pisses me off everytime there are characters in an anime that are love interest and they both know that there in love with the other but they never kiss like freaking soul and maka I ship them but something that could make me ship them to the max is if they'd freaking kiss I mean they had so many chance but never even try to take any of the chances they had I mean for god sake they live in the same apartment soul could have kissed maka in here sleep or vice versa but did you see that happening no at least I didn't if you did tell me please cause then I can finally be happy that one of them got the balls to kiss the other
It is truly talent how anime/manga writers destroy our souls and make us look forward to it
Thank you @ZavianHarper at least someone agrees with me
So many times so many
literally did this when I saw that scene...
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