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Jay Park Named PR Ambassador For International B-Boy Championship
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Jay Park is set to help promote R-16 KOREA 2013, the international b-boy championships in Korea which will take place in July. The b-boy rapper-singer was appointed as the PR ambassador for the World B-boy Masters Championship according to the event's promoter, Insight J. On Sunday the Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) officially appointed Jay Park as the PR ambassador at a ceremony in Seoul. Like Us on Facebook : Last year, Jay Park's b-boy crew Art of Movement (A.O.M) participated in the championship and according to the KTO, they chose the K-Pop star for the position as a sign of appreciation for his efforts in the promotional activities. This will be the seventh annual R-16 KOREA and it is a collection of more than 300 b-boys, musicians and street artists from around the world. This year's Masters Championship will be held on July 13 and 14 at the Olympic Hall in Seoul. Aside from his work with A.O.M, Jay Park's music career has had a lot of successes so far this year. His recently released single album JOAH has been well-received by critics and fans and his soon-to-be-released single, "I Like to Party" was selected for the ending credits of the Hollywood blockbuster After Earth. The movie's star, Will Smith, chose Park's song personally. Watch the video clip to see Jay Park's infamous b-boy crew! From kpopstarz.com
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