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Screenshot Crazy!
Any other one has been found and played and I loved it. This was about Got7 im guessing in high school. it was made by @sosoaloraine23 and its awesome.
I think that he would actually be a bully, he would just be very..... outspoken. He would be that one guy friend who is realky aggravating to be around but is just cool enough to hang out with *Buzzfeed Reference- 8 Types Of Guy Friends. Funny!*
Thank You
Thank You!
That's the end. I really liked the game and the results but I sadly didn't get Yugeom at all but I know he would be somewhere. So anyway, again big thanks to @sosoaloraine23 and if you find any other Screenshot Games like this please tag me. Bye Tag people
Thanks for the tag!! Interesting resutls~
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