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Most people think of us people who love anime as anti social people who can't make any friends... when in reality many of us aren't like that. The reason why I like anime so much is not because I can't relate with people or can't make any friends and decide to live all alone In a fantasy world. I like anime because as a kid I went through a lot with my parents divorce and other family problems. All that resulted in my parents being so busy with their issues I was often neglected. Anime was always my way of escaping all of life's problems that at a time when I was not yet able to understand. Anime normally has meaning and emotion behind the story. In my opinion it is way better than what you see on Cartoon Network nowadays. You learn life lessons and morals from some of the characters. And some of the stories can be really beautiful. I could go on all day but I guess I like anime apart from the fact that it's awesome of course, I like it because each story offered a different world for me to escape all my problems in as a kid. I'm the type of person that whenever I read a book or watch a show I really get into the story and will often find myself connecting with some of the characters. There are several other reasons why I love anime I'm curious to see what some of yours are.
I watch it to escape reality because I hate it and there is no reason dislike anime it's amazing!!
yea me to i watch anime to escape a little while too but some time i get in it to much i scare myself😬 some times. lol