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Jungkook in these pictuers make be fifgjfkdcn. I love his lips and that sweater. Now I have to say I love when he wears leather pants haha his butt and legs look good like sjcidbcixdk. #leggoals
Then the many face he can make. haha I sometimes think he's my first love but he keep taking back from Jimin when ever I like at his pictuers. I have a battle between Jimin and Jungkook right now. Jimin is on my wallpaper on my ps3 and Jungkook is on my wallpaper on my phone.
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this look on him is iconic
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@Midajah1998 I wonder why eomma Jin let his child take photos in that sweater 馃槶馃槀
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Omg I thought I was the only obsessed with this look on him lol
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Omg yes I love him in leather pants....and since that's what they were doing for this comeback I was very happy lol
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