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We get from Christ according to our faith. The leper said, “If Thou wilt, Thou canst.” That was royal believing, and at once Christ said, “I will.” There was a splendid faith also in the centurion. He showed humility in not thinking himself worthy to have Christ come under his roof, and faith in saying that a mere word of The Master’s would be enough. The visit of Christ to Peter’s house was interesting. There was a woman sick there. Christ touched her hand and the fever left her. There are other fevers besides those we ask physicians to treat – fevers of discontent, of anxiety, of fretfulness, of sorrow. If only we would have the touch of Christ on our head it would cool our fever and quiet our hearts. On the boat we see the peace of Christ in His sleeping in the storm. Then we see His power in His quieting of the winds and waves. We may trust Him in earth’s wildest tempest. No harm can come to us on any sea if He is with us in the boat.
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