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Came across this yesterday & had to do it, 2 reasons: 1. I love these games 2. It's VIXX! How can I not? Original card: @KhrystinaLee
Yes, yes he is but unless one of us manages to break the ice it's going to be the quietest relationship ever.
I'm flattered & scared at the same time.
We have common interests so yeah I can see this.
I'm sorry Hongbin, I love you but Leo has always been #1. I mean seriously, could you resist? Look at that smile.
Hanging around isn't going to change anything
I guess this is the sign of a good stalker?? Very creepy N.
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hahaha! love it!!!
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@KhrystinaLee 😄 me too! please feel free to tag me in future cards VIXX related or other
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@EliseB you got it! 😉
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