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I tend to hear people saying that SNK is bad mainly because of the whole bunch of mysteries it has and are not unveiled from the very beginning i.e. the origins of the titans and their goals, that the Manga version sucks compared to the amine one and plenty of other stuff. So, SNK lovers/haters: bring your arguments on!
@ShinigamiSan to each their own, I suppose? I just thought that it spent overmuch time doing slow building between the trainees and stuff.
@InVinsybll That's fair. Just know that some anime viewers enjoy the slow characterization process like I do. Although I agree that if an anime is too slow I could lose interest, but I thought AOT was a decent balance.
@InVinsybll Really? Episode 1 starts with a horseback action scene, right? Sure there's some actionless time so we know a little bit about what's going on, but there's alot of action spread throughout this anime. The action combined with the fan service (gore not girls: there's more than one kind of fan service.) makes for an adrenaline pumping show that really got me into anime as a whole. It was my first Anime, and a pleasant experience for me.
the only problem I have with AOT is it's pacing. it takes a minute to really get going, then crams a lot into a small amount of space at the end of the season. the mystery I like and the animation grew on me, but I just want them to pace out the narrative better.
The execution of that show to me is just overall poor.. which sucks because the concept seems original and potentially great and the setting , animation and characters don't seem half bad. but the execution man... 1 whole Season and the only thing we found out was that titans weak spot is the back of their neck pretty much... that's it.... not to mention that the aot season 2 is most def a myth..