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*** This is part 2, see my previous card for part one*** Two days doesn’t seem like a very long time unless you are waiting for something to happen in two days and then every minute of every hour seems to stretch out to twice its normal length. Even the painfully slow passage of time couldn’t drag me down, though. It gave me the opportunity to pack my suitcase, change my mind, unpack it, re-pack it with different outfits, and then repeat 3 or 4 times before going back to the original outfits I had chosen. Comfy over cute. In the sea of faces surrounding the stage, I would not be visible to that island’s inhabitants anyhow. I might as well go with my favorite top – the black one with little gold hearts all over– and my most comfortable pair of jeans and canvas sneakers that never made my feet sore. The morning of the day before the concert, I was wide awake and busily checking to make sure everything I needed was in my bags when Cassie arrived, tapping the beat of Overdose on my door impatiently. Everything seemed to be in order but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was unprepared. As I went to the door to let her in, I remembered that my cell phone charger was still plugged into the wall. “EXO! Let’s go!” Cassie yelled as soon as I opened the door before laughing hysterically at her own joke. I rolled my eyes before allowing a smiled to spread across my face. Silly humor like this was one of the best things about being Cassie’s friend. She was not afraid to say whatever she thought was funny and it ensured things were never dull with her around. Cassie’s shoulder-length curls were a bright, neon purple with teal highlights. “When did you have time to do that? Your hair was pink two days ago,” I said. Cassie shook her hair dramatically. “I wanted to do something a little more special for the trip. Do you like it?” I nodded. “It’s cool. Now do you see why I always tell you to try on the purple tops when we go shopping? It suits you!” Cassie grinned and slipped past me into the house. “Seriously, though, hurry up. We have an 8 hour drive ahead of us and I don’t want to – oh my gosh, you’re not repacking your suitcase AGAIN, are you?” “No, I’m just making sure everything is there,” I tried to say as Cassie surveyed my open suitcase. I barely had time to grab my phone charger and toss it in the bag before she had it closed and was rolling it toward the door. “Stop worrying so much. You have everything and everything will be fine! I’ll be in the car!” I slipped on my jacket and a scarf, grabbed my purse, turned off all the lights, double-checked that I had unplugged the coffee pot, and stepped out into the cold. I couldn’t quite decide if what I felt was excitement or dread as I locked my front door and dashed down the sidewalk to hop into Cassie’s car. The feeling settled to a dull hum as she turned on the car and pulled away from the curb and I soon relaxed, the EXO playlist we’d created just for this trip soon allowing me to relax entirely as we sang along (badly) and snacked on carrot sticks and roasted almonds. I barely even noticed Cassie’s rather creative version of merging when we moved from one highway to the next.