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Ever since Christian Bale became the Cape Crusader, everyone wanted to be like him. Like the Bat. Like the man, who has high-tech gadgets and weapons, genius level intellect, peak human physical and mental condition with beautiful Katie Holmes as a girlfriend. Ever imagine how much it'd cost you to be one? $628,450,750 !!!
So, now you know the total cost of being batman. That's all for now guys. Follow the collection for more good stuff coming soon.
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@shannonl5 hahaha true! but they pretty much just have to watch their parents get kill in front of them and they'll be qualify
2 years ago·Reply
WHOA. Apparently you also have to be super rich to be a super hero!! XD
2 years ago·Reply
@AlloBaber yup simple as Abc
2 years ago·Reply
hmm so it's less than a billion! cool!
2 years ago·Reply
@AlloBaber Yeah, but after buying all this stuff a super rich will have to sleep on a Footpath.
2 years ago·Reply