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Ever since Christian Bale became the Cape Crusader, everyone wanted to be like him. Like the Bat. Like the man, who has high-tech gadgets and weapons, genius level intellect, peak human physical and mental condition with beautiful Katie Holmes as a girlfriend. Ever imagine how much it'd cost you to be one? $628,450,750 !!!
So, now you know the total cost of being batman. That's all for now guys. Follow the collection for more good stuff coming soon.
WHOA. Apparently you also have to be super rich to be a super hero!! XD
@AlloBaber Yeah, but after buying all this stuff a super rich will have to sleep on a Footpath.
@AlloBaber yup simple as Abc
@shannonl5 hahaha true! but they pretty much just have to watch their parents get kill in front of them and they'll be qualify
so as long as you have money anyone can be batman sweet
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