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I noticed I have started to slow down on my writing. School sucks, man. So much homework here.
JEONGHAN'S POV: I see her everywhere I go. But she doesn't notice me. I'm that one guy everyone knows is there but no one talks to him. I think it's the long hair. I see her at my job, at the library, the supermarket, even at the mall. I don't know how I can pick her out of the crowd so easily. Maybe it's her amazingly good looks. Her cute smile? Her short blonde hair? I don't know. I walked into the school building unsure of what I'm supposed to go. I'm new to this school and I know no one. Maybe I could make a friend this year. But I doubt it. I'm an exchange student from Korea who moved to Washington DC with his mom. How weird is that? I barely know much English. This is going to be a nightmare. "Ooh, look at him." I heard a couple of girls say. "He is hot!" Another mutters. "So hot!" "I bet he's the artsy type. You can tell by the long hair." I can feel multiple stares on me. This is going to be uncomfortable. I don't understand what they are saying. I knew people would talk about me. "Excuse me?" I feel someone poke my shoulder. I turn around and gasp. It's that girl. "Uhh...." I mutter, not knowing what to say. Maybe I should've tried harder to learn English. "It's okay. You can speak Korean." She says to my relief. I smile and nod. "Okay. Well, hi." I say back. "Hi. My name is (Y/N). I will be your guide this six weeks." She smiles and holds out her hand. "I'm Jeonghan. Nice to meet you.....may I ask you something?" I asked, shaking her hand. She nods and waits patiently. "Which way is the office? I can't seem to find my way." I tell her. She laughs quietly and pulls out a map from her back pocket. She hands me the map and starts to explain everything. I couldn't help but glance at her face every now and then. She was so pretty. I felt my cheeks heat up. "You understand?" She asks. I blink, confused. Crap! I wasn't listening. I shake my head, ashamed. "It's okay. You'll get used to it in a bit. Let me show you around." She takes my hand and starts to lead me around school. --TWO MONTHS LATER-- (Y/N) and I have been friends ever since my first day. We talk to each other, we eat lunch with each other, we hang out after school. I sometimes go to her house so she can tutor me in English. I have gotten better. I can understand what people are saying and I can hold a simple conversation. But...I can't understand the slang they use. Fire.....Slay.......What are those? The last one is used alot. It is believed to be in insult toward someone's apparel. A football player asked me that while pointing at my shoes. "They are shoes. You're wearing them also. Don't you know this? You should've learned this in elementary school." I replied before walking away. I don't understand them. They're quite rude to me and tend to make rather distasteful comments toward (Y/N). I don't like them. Especially Trevor Denton. I really don't like him. He is the head of the football team...or as they call him the 'quarterback'. He is always making dismissive comments toward me and he makes me uncomforable. He tries to intimidate me but he fails everytime day, he took it to the extreme. I was walking to (Y/N) one afternoon after school. I was walking through the park, my hand secured on my messenger bag. I look up at the graying sky. It looks like it's going to rain. Maybe I should've brought an umbrella. "Well look who it is. It's Miss. Yoon. How are you doing, ma'am?" Trevor quips, his friends laughing behind him. I try to ignore him and continue walking. Drizzled rain starts to come down. He stands up and walks over; starting to follow me. His friends do the same. I sigh nervously and walk faster. They keep pace with me. I start to run only for them to continue following me. I run quickly, hoping to get away from them. The rain starts pouring. I continue running. I take a wrong turn and come to a dead end. The guys stop behind me and I turn around to them. Trevor has a evil grin on his face. "Now let's teach pretty boy here a lesson or two. Right guys?" Trevor says to his friends. They nod and start to walk toward me. I back up. "What have I done to anger you so much?" I ask, getting scared. "You ruined me. Do you know how long it took me to get my reputation to the way it is?!? I did some things...many things to get my status and you, you just came in and ruined it! What is so special about you? I don't understand. You're just some kid from Korea." He punched me in the jaw. My head snapped back and I felt an explosion of pain in my jaw. I stumbled back. "Hold him up!" Trevor yelled. I felt two guys grab on to my arms and hold me up. I try to fight them off but they were too strong. Trevor punches me in my stomach and I reel forward in pain, my hair falling out of my pony tail and into my face. They pulled my upper body upwards. I groan in pain. Trevor knees me in my stomach and punches my cheek. I taste blood. It starts dripping from my mouth. I cough and it splatters on Trevor's shoes. He gets angry and starting punching me mercilessly. His fist connects with my temple and my head cracks to the side; I feel blood dripping from my forehead, cheek. and jaw line. Trevor steps back; panting. "Let him go." He mutters. I drop to the ground, groaning in pain at the impact. He kneels in front of me and grabs my hair; pulling my head up. I wince in pain and grind my teeth together. "Maybe next time, you'll know your place." He sneers, dropping my head in a puddle of sewer water. He and his friends start walking away; laughing. I try to stand up; gripping my stomach as the rain mixed with the blood on my face. I feel like I have some broken ribs. I need to go somewhere. I can't just stay here. I can't go home. My mom will have a heart attack. Maybe I can go to (Y/N) house. But....what will I tell her? YOUR POV: It has started raining and Jeonghan still hasn't arrived. He texted me two hours ago that he was close to my house but I haven't heard from him since. I'm starting to worry. I pace back and forth in my living room, looking at the clock. Even though the heater is on, I still break into into a cold sweat. Something has happened. Oh my gosh! I hope he's okay. I hear the doorbell ring and I run to it, quickly. When I throw the door open, I see Jeonghan standing there; staggering slightly. He had bruises, scrapes, and cuts all over his body. His temple was bleeding and he was holding his waist. His nose has a thin trail of blood dripping from it and he looked utterly miserable. "Jeonghan!!" My hands flew to his battered figure as I helped him in to the house. "Hey, (Y/N) have you been?" He tried to fake an easy smile but I could tell it was a front. "What happened?!? Who did this to you?!?" I felt anger boiling in my chest. I helped him to th bathroom. I sat him on the tub and went to the cabinet to get the first-aid kit. He sat there in so much pain, groaning as he tried to get comfortable. The muscles on his neck tense and I can see his veins. I blush and look away, making sure everything was in the box. I walked over to him. He looked up at me and smiled. I sat on the toilet cover and started taking out the Neosporin, peroxide, gauze, and bandages. I start to tend to the bruises on his face. He has a gash on his temple and two cuts on his cheekbone. I cleaned the cut in his cheek and he winced at the sting of the peroxide. "Sorry.. I mutter, guiltily as I felt bad that I'm adding to his pain for the time being. "It's okay. Don't worry." He looks up at me. I'm pretty sure I was the color of a beet. I finished cleaning the wounds and bandaged them. He smiled at me. "Thank you so much." He said. I stepped back and he tried to stand. Only to wince in pain and sit back down quickly; panting quickly. I kneeled in front of him again. "What's wrong?" I looked down and realized he was holding his ribcage. He tried to shake his head to dismiss my worry but I saw sweat roll down his forehead. JEONGHAN'S POV: I didn't want to worry her anymore than I have already. So when she asked about my bruised stomach, I brushed it off and said not to worry. But I was shocked at what she did next. She stopped me from standing and looked me deep in the eyes. "Show. Me." She said slowly, concerned laced in her beautiful blue eyes. I gulped to myself and she sat back, waiting for me. I gently took the hem of my shirt in my hands and lifted it slowly. To be honest, I was nervous to see the damage myself. I didn't have time to see it before I got here. She gasped and her hand went to cover her mouth, I looked down to see it. I gasped too. Black and blue bruises decorated my stomach and ribs. My skin grayed as the black bruises showed slightly through my skin. "Who did this?" She asked, sounding near tears. "It...i-it was......" I couldn't bring myself to say his name. "It was Trevor, wasn't it." She said it as a statement. I looked up at her to see her shaking her head. I nodded and looked away. I then felt cool fingers touch the bruise. I jumped slightly at the contact. Not out of pain, but from pure shock. I looked at her. She was crying softly; tears dripping down her face and landing on her skinny jeans. "I'm so sorry." She cried silently. I wiped away a stray tear. "Please don't cry......not because of me." I begged her. She looked up at me; our faces not far from each other's. "I can't take it when a pretty girl crys." Her eyes drooped slightly as she looked downward, at my lips. I leaned in, my breath hitching in my throat. Our lips touched and I felt all the air being pulled from my lungs. I pulled her closer and deepened the kiss, ignoring the sharp pain in my ribs and arms. We pulled apart for a second just to catch our breath. We looked each other in the eyes. Her cheeks were flushed. "Jeonghan....." She muttered. "I've wanted to do that for a while now...." I confessed, brushing her short hair from her face. "You have?" She questioned. "Yes....I have." I nodded. "That's sort of the reason, all of this happened. I liked you, Trevor knew, and he was upset about it. He liked you himself but with you always being with me...he didn't have a chance." A look of realization changed her facial expression. She nodded. "So, I'm the cause of this." She mumbled. "No you aren't. Never sat that about yourself." "But if I wasn't your friend, you would've been safe." She looked away. "If you weren't my friend, I would've been lonely." She looked up at that. "You taught me how to speak English, you helped understand this new environment, and you gave me the best friendship I have ever had." I smiled at her. "(Y/N).....would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" I asked her, grabbing her hand. "Wouldn't that put you in danger?" She asked. "I'd rather be put in danger than be seperated from you." I told her. She smiled too. "Then....I would love to."
@ILikeHisFace123 that's fine. it was awesome and cute by itself
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is there a part 2?